Wages and Job Creation

Eugene has a proven record of working to build and create better paying jobs for all Pennsylvanians.

His newly released audit provides concrete recommendations to enhance Pennsylvania’s workforce development efforts.

Eugene called on the state to improve how the education system prepares students for jobs by encouraging greater emphasis on well-paying jobs in skilled trades and he encouraged enhancements designed to better help older workers update their skill-sets.

Eugene's Key Points on Wages and Job Creation

  1. Better prepare students and job-seekers with the skills necessary to fill open jobs.
  2. Coordinate educational institutions and employment service programs.
  3. Incentivizing skilled trades
  4. More programs to assist workers age 55 and older to update skill sets.

What You Can Do Right Now to Help

Hold a House Party and have a discussion with your neighbors on this important issue.

Use our guide to hosting house parties along with our tip sheet for this issue to guide the conversation.