Voting Integrity

Eugene is committed to protecting the security and integrity of Pennsylvania’s voting system.

He launched an audit to find out if vendors working or bidding on Pennsylvania election systems have direct ties to Russians, and he even monitored the 2018 midterm elections to watch for any issues that need to be addressed before 2020.

Eugene’s reporting found that election officials in 18 of our 67 counties accepted gifts or benefits from voting machine vendors, and in doing so these local officials were creating the appearance of impropriety even if they ultimately didn’t let it sway their decisions.

Eugene's Key Points on Voting Integrity

  1. Continue to consider options to modernize our election systems, and ensure that any system we use is wholly owned, controlled and managed by a firm with American interests.

  2. Review current vendors to ensure there are no connections to Russia.

  3. Continue to watch for any issues that may need to be addressed before the vote in 2020.

  4. Counties should adopt the rule that Gov. Tom Wolf established for his administration that bans the acceptance of any gift of any value whatsoever.

What You Can Do Right Now to Help

Hold a House Party and have a discussion with your neighbors on this important issue.

Use our guide to hosting house parties along with our tip sheet for this issue to guide the conversation.