Lowering Prescription Drug Prices

Eugene is working tirelessly to help lower the cost of prescription drugs.

He recently released a special report calling for increased oversight of pharmacy benefit managers who rake in huge profits at the expense of people whose health depends on the medication that is increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to afford.

Eugene also uncovered $2 billion of state Medicaid money being spent on overpriced prescription drugs.

Eugene's Key Points on Lowering Prescription Drug Prices

  1. Working for accountability and transparency for Pharmaceuticals.
  2. Removing the middle man (PBMs) in drug pricing.
  3. Remove the incentive to drive up costs to patients.
  4. Mandating cost savings be passed along to patients, not 3rd parties.

What You Can Do Right Now to Help

Hold a House Party and have a discussion with your neighbors on this important issue.

Use our guide to hosting house parties along with our tip sheet for this issue to guide the conversation.